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Floating support


The right amount of support


We provide "floating" support to young people as they overcome particular challenges that endure after they have moved on from our accommodation. This support aims to ensure young people sustain their independence beyond our services.


Our specialist floating support services include:


Restoring Families Project

CAYSH has been operating a Floating Support service for families including young people at risk of homelessness since September 2008.The objective is to enable the young person to develop life skills and improve communication within the family that head off homelessness before it begins. More information is found in the Restoring Families section.


Youth Offending Service (YOS)

Since 2002, CAYSH has provided a floating support service for young offenders facing homelessness. Working closely with the local Youth Offenders' Service (YOS), CAYSH’s support worker is based at both CAYSH and YOS offices.This ensures a continuity of support, even when a young person’s accommodation can change from day to day.


Young Adults Support Services (YASS)

CAYSH recognises that some young people will require support even when they have moved into independent accommodation. We provide this intensive support for challenging and vulnerable young people.