• Monday 08 February 2016
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Young people at CAYSH

Desmond Tutu

Passionate about young people

We want to hear from you! We don’t want to simply offer you a service. We would like you to play an active part in shaping the services we deliver. Your input is important to us – you know what you need more than anyone. In this way, you can help us provide the most appropriate and suitable service for you.

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We have a dedicated service user involvement team whose job is to involve you in every aspect of CAYSH. You can participate in a whole range of activities which CAYSH provides, which will not only help you feel part of CAYSH, but moreover will help you develop skills useful for future employment and independence.

This could include speaking up about your concerns in tenant panel meetings, participating in film and design workshops, cookery schools or football matches, working with the CAYSH team in delivering conferences – for example the 3rd National Youth Homelessness Conference which young people co-organised and delivered.

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