• Sunday 07 February 2016
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Living with CAYSH

At home

Supporting you and your needs

CAYSH's tenants and lodgers can expect good quality accommodation and well-trained and motivated staff to provide advice and support.

Tenants and lodgers can expect to:

  • be listened to and have their views taken seriously
  • be able to influence decisions concerning them, and to participate actively in matters concerning their accommodation
  • have their privacy respected (staff will not enter their rooms without at least 24 hours written notice except in an emergency)
  • have their cultural or religious differences respected and provided for (eg. separate fridges)
  • be signposted to culturally appropriate activities
  • be informed about local medical and central facilities, including enrolling with a local doctor/GP
  • be helped with suitable education, training or employment, or directed to other organisations who can helped to provide this
  • learn how to develop independent living skills such as how to manage finances, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and manage future tenancy in the private sector