• Thursday 11 February 2016
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Supporting CAYSH's work

at the mela

We exist to help young people find their way back to the mainstream after a detour that is often not of their own choosing. Please help us help them by supporting our work.

As with every charity that operates local and central Government services we want to provide as much assistance as possible and as a result we have costs that are not recovered from local councils or central Government. That’s where we hope you’ll help us.

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Over and above statutory provision, we provide additional support to those who are trying to help themselves to improve their lives. With your help we can make the lives of the young people we help just a little more manageable - and in some cases a lot more enjoyable - as they make their way back to the mainstream and enjoy the 'ordinary' things we often take for granted.

Link to Justgiving's credit card donation site

What we'll do with your money

Here are a few examples of the kinds of costs we are trying to meet and what your money will be used for:

  • £5 helps young people travel to important meetings
  • £10 pays for printing 200 advice leaflets
  • £20 buys bedding for somebody moving in to a new home
  • £100 ensures secure new locks for each new resident


If you would like to ensure that the money is use for a specific type of expenditure then please email


Steve Truglia attempt to break the world record for high-altitude parachute jumping (not, alas, for CAYSH). Click here to set up your own fundraising page for CAYSH with

Arranging a fundraiser?

If you are going to roller skate blindfolded from Land's End to John O'Groats, shave your head in public or eat a dustbin of donuts to raise money for CAYSH, thank you from all of the staff and young people we help.

If you click here it will take you to - the leading online charity donation company - where you can set up your own web page for a CAYSH fundraising event. It's easy to do and the instructions are comprehensive so even if you're no Bill Gates, it's pretty simple to get going.


Justgiving logo and link to their website

Justgiving are pretty much the standard for online credit card donations. They do not levy a charge on what you donate but they do, on CAYSH's behalf, claim back 'Gift Aid' at 28.2% and deduct a commission from this. So for every £1 you give, they claim an additional 28p from HMRC and deduct their commission from that. For further details on charges click here.

Gift Aid Registration No. XN84638