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shadow board

at work

Want an opportunity to do something interesting and valuable that will look really decent on your CV?

This is the best chance you will have to influence how we deliver our services - don't miss it.


Everybody at CAYSH reports to somebody – and includes the people at the top who report to the Board of Trustees (who are a bit like shareholders in a big business). The Trustees want more young people & volunteers to take part in making the bigger decisions about how our services should be delivered and what the purpose of those services should be. To achieve this we have the “shadow board".

It’s not complicated. The shadow board needs people on it who want to represent themselves and other young people who CAYSH works with and volunteers to do the same. The SUI team want people who are not afraid to point out failings in the services they receive and highlight the bits that make a big difference - because it’s easy sometimes for CAYSH staff to miss this stuff because of other things going on. That’s why it’s important for young people and volunteers to come forward and be representative of all of us who live with CAYSH.

To be clear, the Trustees don’t tell the people that fund CAYSH what they want of course – but this is the chance to help influence how CAYSH achieves what their funders want. The “what funders want” is headline stuff like providing accommodation, security and opportunity. The detail – the “how they do it” – that’s what the Shadow Board will help define and that makes this really valuable.

So if you want to get involved you would be talking to the people who are the Trustees and representing all the other people who CAYSH works with - and as the Trustees are the people that guide what CAYSH does and who they will do it for - thencome along and find out more.  We’ll also reimburse travel expenses to the meeting. If you want something special on your CV and have got what it takes to represent yourself and other people CAYSH works with, then contact one of the numbers below to let us know you’re interested.

During the day you can call the main number for Head Office 0208 683 0227 but out of office hours, you can call either of these:07946 806 115 or 07939 462 396