Safe homes and better futures
for young people in South London

Safe, empathetic, transparent,
flexible and professional services

We help young people
to access training

Creative service design
that meet young people's needs


A rewarding and exciting career in care


If you have what it takes to support and inspire young people facing homelessness, or to support those that do, then CAYSH is the place for you.

We have hard earned reputation for delivering effective services for young people facing homelessness. Our success is evidenced by the take-up of our services by new London boroughs year on year. Our people deliver our success, day-in-day-out and when we add new people to the organisation, we are exceptionally careful about who we select because we expect them to help drive us forward in delivering effective, innovative and enterprising services for young people.

It’s part of our ethos that we expect our staff to do the exceptional. We don’t want to achieve minimum standards, we want to exceed maximums. The young people we help often don’t get the privilege or advantage that some others do, and partly it’s our role to make up for that. We want staff to join us on our mission to deliver a level playing field for all young people as they become adults.

While we have high expectations of your motivation for applying to work at CAYSH, we do not expect that you will have necessarily worked in this field before or have lots of experience before joining us. We have a diverse staff team that reflects the diversity of the people we work with. We also know from experience that capability and motivation are more important to achieving our mission than qualifications or years of experience.

Originally working in Croydon, we now have operations in every South London borough. We intend to continue to grow and develop a voice that is heard on a national level. All roles at CAYSH offer a competitive salary and benefit package, including a range of development opportunities.