• Sunday 14 February 2016
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Supporting Moves to independent living


Making tenancies work for you

Croydon's Rent in Advance Scheme (CRIAS) delivers support, advice and finance to enable people to access private accommodation where without the service they would be unable to.

What is CRIAS and how does it work?

CRIAS gives financial support and advice to people who are 18 or over and ready to move into independent living. Depending on your age this could be shared or self contained accommodation.

We can financially assist clients in a number of ways depending on their own particular circumstances. Normally we can provide help in the form of a 12 month  Rent Deposit Bond Guarantee and/or a months rent in advance payment direct to the landlord. The rent in advance payment is returned by the landlord once Housing Benefit has been is in payment directly to landlord for one full month. We can also pay up 50% of any lettings fees - up to £100 for shared or £250 for self contained accommodation. This would paid directly to the letting agency on the day you move in and receipts are required in all cases to evidence that the fees were paid.

How can CRIAS help me?

CRIAS helps you to help yourself, by giving you the support and advice that will enable you to find your own accommodation.  The agency that referred you to our service will also support you to find accommodation in the private rented sector.  We can attend viewings with you and can negotiate with the landlord on your behalf.  We will conduct property and landlord checks to ensure the accommodation is safe and meets basic standards and will support your application for Housing Benefit by helping with form filling and providing benefit advice.

Do I need references?

Some landlords need references. Your support worker will let you know what is needed.

What if I don’t want to live alone?

We only recommend options to suit your needs and you can talk to us about what they are at your interview.

What if I am turned down?

Independent living might not be the right option for you at the moment. You may feel differently-you can tell us why, ask someone to come with you if you like.  We can look at your other options.

Volunteering with CRIAS

We are currently recruiting resettlement volunteers for our CRIAS team, helping people become established in their own homes for the first time. More Information via this link.

How to access CRIAS for your clients

  • You need to be one of our designated referral agencies to access CRIAS. If you wish to find out more about access routes to CRIAS please contact Croydon Council.

  • Your client would need to be able to sustain a tenancy in the private sector

  • Your client should have no rent arrears or are keeping to an arrears contract

  • You will be able to provide your client with initial resettlement support. This would cover setting up utilities and applying for a community care grant where appropriate.


If you would like to refer your client to CRIAS, please download the referral form below and leaflet 'Moving on -how do I find my own place?' for your client.

Want to find out more?

Please contact CRIAS on 0208 683 5151