• Saturday 06 February 2016
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Supported Lodgings in Croydon and Greenwich

Service user meeting
For some young people lodging with a householder is the best first step when housing crisis arises.

At the point at which a young person finds themselves homeless, finding a safe, stable and reliable base is a critical first step. Supported lodgings provide this, and more.

CAYSH introduced supported lodgings a decade before the debate about placing young people in B&B accomodation reached fruition.  Our supported lodings scheme involves young people living in established homes with established families.

Supported housing at CAYSH

We currently work with around 100 householders, carrying out detailed pre-placement checks to find the best placement for the young person, and then providing ongoing support to both the young person and the householder throughout the placement. In 2007, we expanded this service to also support young people in the borough of Greenwich.

Do you have a room to let in your home?

Would you like to help local young people?

Visit the get involved section on how to become a CAYSH householder, and find out what it is like to be one.