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Real stories

This section of the website contains narative case studies of a few of the people we have worked with. They are presented here to give an idea of what outcomes are possible with the right support.

We have changed names and dates where requested. In all instances we have recieved the approval of the individual to use their case study and in most cases, the case studies were written by them.




T, aged 17, approached CAYSH in May 2008 for housing advice having been asked to leave home by his mother.

His relationship with his mother had deteriorated because he had started to get involved in petty crime, and had begun hanging around with young people who were involved in “minor gang activity”.



B is a man on a mission. He’s determined to use his experience of a challenging and sometimes chaotic childhood to help others facing the same.

In some ways his story is fairly normal – his parents separated at an early age, his relationship with the parent he was living with deteriorated badly when their new partner moved in, he drifted from sofa to sofa and ended up homeless. Read more...


I left home first when I was 16. My mum and I fought constantly. I fought with my brother too. My mum and I were making each others lives hell and eventually she threw me out as much for my own good as for her own sanity.

R tells her own story.