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Supported Lodgings

CAYSH was the first organisation to recognize the potential of a supported Lodgings service having listened to our young people and seeing the positive outcomes these placements subsequently had. Many leaving care young people will have experienced fostering and our service replicates the ethos of Fostering but provides a more economical stepping stone to independences.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

We recruit Householders who not only provide a room for the young person, but are also paid to deliver some of the support plan in place for the individual – this means that there is opportunity to ‘practice ‘independent living skills under the supervision of a caring householder. In addition the young person receives support from their key worker. House holders are vetted to similar standards as foster carers and are provided with training and support. The advantage of a placement in Supported Lodgings is that there is support at hand 24 / 7.

Become a householder

If you are interested in becoming a Householder, please fill in the information below so we can get back in touch with you!

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