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Being a householder

woman helping girl

Have a spare room?

Live in the boroughs of Croydon or Greenwich?

Think about the difference you could make to a young person's potential - you could be the role model a young person needs in their life.


Who can become a Supported Lodgings householder?

Our householders come from all walks of life. Whether married, single or living as a couple, they all want to help young people develop and become more independent. Occasionally, householders may have to cope with challenging behaviour from the young people as they adapt to their new accommodation, but most of our householders find that the rewards outweigh the problems and frustrations.

All householders need to complete a DBS check, and their property needs to comply with environmental health and safety standards. Our staff can advise on any improvements which may be needed.

What support does CAYSH give to householders?

CAYSH has a dedicated Supported Lodgings team who provide both householders and young people with support and advice throughout the placement.

Do householders get paid?

The householder is paid rent for the room by the young person living with them - typically this is around £80 per week.CAYSH also pay support payments to householders for the support they give the young person, which can be up to £80 per week.

What is it like being a CAYSH householder?
To find out more, follow this link and listen to a CAYSH householder talk about her experience.


Please contact our Supported Lodgings team  on 020 8683 0227 or email