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Working My Way Up: Listening to Service-users

We wanted to gain more of an understanding of the Working My Way Up scheme from a Young Person in CAYSH’s perspective.

Oshane is an artist especially interested in acting/performing, he would like go into comedy particularly stand up comedy, he is currently working with Youtuber’s on comedy sketches and has been creating sketches on TikTok which has been gaining thousands of views without promotion. Oshane is passionate about what he is doing and enjoying finding new opportunities and roles. He mentioned he has also done a little bit of directing which he enjoyed and thinks he would like to find more opportunities to direct as he enjoyed watching production develop.

Oshane said that he was sceptical at first as he did not receive much information on the Working My Way up scheme, Oshane was opened to the idea of the scheme as he stated he wanted to ‘see if they would be able to find a mentor that he could relate to.’

Oshane mentioned that maybe having a career talk about what are they are interested in before the initial working my way up meeting so that Young People have more of an idea of what job/career they would like to pursue.Oshane said that the scheme comes off as quite formal and that may deter some Young People as they may feel that there is too much pressure to get a job. Oshane suggested emphasising the support and flexibility side of the Working My Way Up project, especially the weekly check ins- the continuity and consistency provided large part of support for Oshane and kept him to meeting his weekly targets. Oshane felt as though there was someone working with him and checking in to see where he was at and went at his pace which he valued. Oshane also reiterated the feeling of formality with the scheme, ensuring the Young People know that there is freedom to make mistakes and that the programme is not set in stone with high standards.

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