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CAYSH – Art Ease therapy

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

CAYSH has been working with Saba Khan, a self-taught artist with 27 years of experience in the voluntary and public sector, to deliver Art Ease Workshops to the Young People within our Service.

Saba delivers Art Workshops for the Young People at CAYSH, which allow participants to explore a range of topics and areas, such as: identity, body image, media and fashion, sleep, hygiene, leadership, friendships and networks, ambitions and passions, healthy living, sport and fitness, landscape painting, portraiture, still-life and the lives and techniques of artists.

Saba believes that making art can liberate feelings and thoughts that sometimes we don’t even know we have. Young People who participate can begin to understand themselves and the world around them and become more confident in the contributions they can make to society.

Some Art Ease Workshops that have taken place, via Zoom, since the end of 2020 include:

  • What my plate looks like!

  • Corona Files – my feelings

  • The weather after Covid

  • Self-portrait and you!

The Workshops are designed to be a safe space where the Young People at CAYSH can explore these themes through being creative, in order to help them to understand their thoughts and feelings surroundings these topics.

So far, these Workshops have been a huge success. In 2020, the Young People of CAYSH learned how to frame and install their works at a final exhibition, where they sold their art! The works are touring and exhibit in different locations.

Looking to the future, Saba plans to record Art Workshops so that these can be delivered to the Young People at any time. CAYSH looks forward to working alongside Saba on this, and to the further opportunities to explore creativity and positivity that the Art Ease Workshops bring to our Young People.

“Working with Saba was an incredible experience she brought together creative experiences with life skills to support and voice young peoples struggles…the art produced by our young people was beyond my expectations. It set the benchmark at a grand level. I would highly recommend working with Saba and look forward to more exciting possibilities”.

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