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Laura's story

When Laura was young, she was placed in the care of her nannie by social services and the pair became very close. Unfortunately, during the pandemic her nannie passed away, which was devastating for Laura. The one person she would've turned to for help wasn't there anymore and she felt completely alone in the world. Laura's nannie didn't own her flat so Laura was placed in temporary accommodation until something more appropriate became available.

Feeling isolated, Laura started drinking to escape the pain. She became homeless and fell in with an older group of men who bought her alcohol and made her feel special she didn't realise she was being exploited. Luckily, a social worker realised the danger Laura was in and referred her to Caysh. Thanks to supporters like you, we can provide Laura has a safe place to come to terms with the loss of her much-loved nan and ensure that she and others are supported through the winter. Please donate with the following link:

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